Teaching in the Wilderness

Ok, so it’s not quite the wilderness. I have been creating a Pre-K/Kindergarten Nature Investigation Study that launched Monday, September 19th! I am excited to get this class going. Unfortunately, the mosquitos have been excited about this class as well. I have committed to recording most of the material outside with the intention to encourage children to explore nature more. I have also had a reaction to two different bug sprays. I guess we are all learning new things together! If you didn’t get signed up, don’t worry- there are more classes starting this month!

Teacher/Parent Tip for Nature Study Lesson: Let your child be curious. We can plan what we think our children will be interested in, but you may have to change direction. Have a backup handy! Whether it’s asking your child to draw what they see in nature, or collecting rocks on a walk, I’m finding there is so much to learn outside that can keep our children curious.

Vocabulary words we are learning this week: tree, evergreen, deciduous, pine needle, nature, and walk. Grab your free writing practice vocabulary cards here!

If you would like to enroll your child in the six-week Nature Investigation Study, you can do that here! This class is a pre-recorded class that your child can complete in their own time. It works around your schedule and allows your child to go at their own pace. Recommended for children ages 3-5. Use code CHAMPNATURE7 for $7 off (that’s a free week!)