Virtual Preschool

All children are unique and we embrace individuality at Preschool Champions! We have designed our programs to meet all unique needs and help your child grow mentally, socially, and developmentally. Here’ how to get started:

  • Schedule your free one on one information session and a free class. You will receive an assessment to perform with your child any time before the information session begins. Don’t worry, it’s easy! This will help us know what your child already knows, and what they need to work on. These assessments will continue once your child is enrolled.
  • Choose a program that fits your child’s specific needs. Our unique programs are designed to not only teach your child through a classroom setting, but also give you the tools to continue the learning experience at home. Weekly emails will be sent with our itinerary and supporting documents to better prepare you and your child for the week. Emails will also include our parent support guidance. Learn more about it here.
  • Watch your mailbox! Your child will receive a box of preschool goodies that they will need for class.
  • Grow with your child! While we provide the classroom for your child, you will also be able to extend our activities at home.
  • Earn discounts. If you love your experience with Preschool Champions we have multiple benefits for parents to earn huge discounts and to guarantee specific time slots for their children.

Learn more about our packages!